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Finance is the lifeblood of any business. It helps entrepreneurs fulfill their business objectives by making funds available whenever required. Working Capital crunch is one of the biggest problems faced by businesses. Inability to make funds available on time poses difficulties for smooth operation of business.

To avoid such situations, businesses can obtain loans from NBFCs which take less time to process and you get competitive interest rates.

SpiderG can help you get loan as per your requirement from India’s leading NBFCs without any hassles.

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Types of loans

Unsecured debt based on the strength of your financials only

  • Loan amount is a percentage of the market value of the property that is mortgaged as security
  • NATP, Grampanchayat & Gunthewari properties also accepted

Top up your existing loans which have been serviced for minimum of 12 months

  • Is a lump-sum payment to a business in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of future receivable of credit card and/or debit card sales
  • Newer businesses
  • Low CIBIL cases
  • Get an amount approved from the borrower
  • Pay as you use flexibility
  • Free up capital of unpaid debt
  • Invoice/Bill discounting against outstanding of reputed companies
  • Lease rental discounting

Use your inventory or machinery as a collateral to meet your capital requirements

 How to Apply for a Loan?

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Once you have selected the NBFC, click Submit. Your application will be reviewed and approved accordingly.

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Disclaimer: I authorize SpiderG & its representatives to call me or SMS me or email me, with reference to my loan application

We charge a success fee of 1% to 4% (case to case basis) of the total disbursed loan amount.