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Raj Bhandare

CEO, Nirvana Arts

SpiderG gives real time updates of my business and access to various reports on my mobile. App syncs with our Tally seamlessly and thus access to data is at our fingertips.

Priti Kanani

CEO, Cocktail India

Its has given me visibility on my receivables and have slashed money owed by 71 % in 2 weeks. I am better informed and in control of my business after using SpiderG.

Sukanto Roy

CEO, Bayleaf Media

I plan my receivables and payables much better now and have solved cash crunch situation in my business.

Vikram Malhotra

CEO, Srijan Medi Solutions

After using SpiderG we are in total control of our collections & payable. Communication with our vendors & customer on transacting documents have drastically improved & thus business is smoother.